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✿Eurasian [Japanese/Spanish]✿

21 years old gurl. Actually living in Spain. Alternative model, model in Kittendolls Models, Beauty & fashion blogger, sometimes illustrator and make up lover!

♥( ●ᴥ●) My Blog (●ᴥ● )♥

☁ HOW I DEFINE MYSELF?? o_Ô ☁ hmm... [...] Friendly, shy, crazy, perfectionist, rebel, baka, good friend of my friends and ecchi LOL


I love kawaii/creepy things, Ice cream, FOOD , Chocolate, Wigs, Make up, Korean cosmetics, Photography, Animals, Harajuku fashion, Platforms, Graphic design, MY FRIENDS, JAPAN,

♫ MUSIC ♫:

(Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Nu metal, Electro House, Hip Hop, Jazz, Old music)


Boucing Fuchsia Bow Tie Ribbon

retro blythe doll

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